Serger Sewing Machines

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Serger Sewing Machine

A serger sewing machine was designed to allow a seamstress to finish a raw seam edge of fabric in one step.  It sews and trims the fabric edge and keeps the fabric from fraying by wrapping the thread around the cut edge to give a strong finished look.  You don’t need to have a serger to sew but it makes the seams stronger especially for kids clothes and it finishes garments as if they were manufactured.  You will still need a regular sewing machine for several  jobs, like: zippers, button holes and top stitching

Selecting a Serger Sewing Machine

Sergers can be classified by the number of  thread options, basic sergers have 2,3 and 4 thread options and a high end serger has 5 threads.  The more threads and options, of course, the more you will have to spend.  Consider the type of fabric, width and density of the stitching you will need and that can help you in selecting the appropriate serger.  2 thread sergers are used to create a basic edge and seam on fabrics, such as: knits, elastic and lace to keep them from unravelling.  This is the most common serger stitch.  3 and 4 threads have more options for creating locked stitches that are tightly seamed, like sewing pin tucks, decorative edges, edging knit or woven fabrics and areas requiring extra strength.  The 5-8 thread serger can do everything the other sergers do and includes several specialty stitches and is usually used in apparel manufacturing. 
One other option you need to consider is the ``differential feed`` feature.  This feature allows you to adjust the speed at which you feed the material through.  If you want to create a ruffle when working with single layer of woven fabrics, you will select the extra fast feed.  A cover stitch is another option that is often seen on t-shirts, it looks like a double parallel stitch.
How to Buy A Serger Machine

Learn more about the different serger options so you can decide which one will be your best choice.  If you have a dealer near you find out if they have introductory lessons and use them to learn how to use the different machines capabilities.  Bring the fabrics you use the most with you to test different stitches.  Find serger blogs or forums where you can ask others about their experiences.  Select the manufacturer link to learn more about the different serger sewing machines models: Janome, Bernina, BabyLock, Singer, Brother and Juki. 
You can buy a machine online from several websites for a deal but considering your local dealer may be your best option.  If you have a problem, they will try to help you and if they can`t they have access to the manufacturer`s directly who can help.  Many of the dealers will offer introductory lessons with your machine, make use of these to learn about all the options your machine offers.  Our local dealer even has a repair department so you won`t be without your machine for too long and offers sewing classes so you can meet others who love to sew.