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Baby Lock Serger

Baby Lock has been in business for over 40 years developing machines for all your sewing projects.  It started with a team of engineers who knew they could design a smaller and lighter serger for home use than was currently available.   Baby Lock was started as a new company after management at their company rejected their ideas.  They have been creating sergers, as well as, sewing, embroidery and quilting machines ever since.  They are well known for their innovation with 14 patented features like Jet Air and ExtraordinAir ThreadingTM  which uses one button to thread the entire serger, elimination of tension dials and 87 stitch options.

Baby Lock Serger Models

There are currently 7 models of the Baby Lock Sergers, ranging from 4 threads all the way to an 8 thread option.  The 4 thread options include:  Cover Stitch, Lauren, Eclipse SX, Eclipse DX, Imagine and Enlighten.  Diana is a 5 thread option and Evolution is the 8 thread advanced option.
The cover stitch machine was designed to work with any of the other Baby Lock 4 thread sergers.  This model includes the patented Jet Air ThreadingTM,  a full featured differential feed and vertical needle penetration.  There are several convenience features including: electronic foot control, built in light, built in accessory storage and carry handle.  The advanced features include: triple needle cover stitch, cover stitch widths of 3mm or 6mm, side thread cutter and 1300 stitches per minute.

For the beginner serger, the Lauren model is the place to start.   It’s a 4/3/2 serger that is 3 times faster than the original sewing methods for trims, seams and overcasts.   It has the differential feed to add gathers or stretch fabric in one step, a free arm which is great for cuffs and sleeves and easy color coded threading.
The Eclipse comes in a SX and DX model.  They have similar features, the main difference is the DX has the Jet-Air ThreadingTM technology which makes it easier to thread through the loopers, as well as, a fabric support system that keeps stitches flat.  Both models have full featured differential feed and 4/3/2 thread serging.

Imagine is Baby Lock’s most popular serger.    As with all Baby Lock Sergers, it comes with the exclusive Jet-Air ThreadingTM, automatic thread delivery system and full featured differential speed.   We now see the addition of the tubular loopers and the looper drive system that helps to eliminate threading errors.   It has an advanced knife driving and one-way clutch system that allows you to cut thicker fabric.

Enlighten has the latest technology with ExtraordinAirTM threading, with the push of a button and the serger is automatically threaded.  As well an exclusive wave stitch is also available.

The top of the line is the 8 thread Evolution serger.  It has the same ExtraordinAirTM technology as the Enlighten model.  However, the Evolution model has 6/7/8 thread stitch capacity and can automatically chain off the cover stitch for different fabrics including heavier fabrics.

How to Buy

All in all the Baby Lock Sergers are full of function and value priced.  A nice time saving addition to your sewing room for professional seam finishes.  Find a local dealer that sells Baby Lock Sergers and make sure you take test fabric swatches with you that you will normally use.   Ask the sales associate to show you how the machine works on your test fabric swatches.   Also request that they show you how the machine is threaded so you can see how easy it is to thread a Baby Lock Serger.   Ask if they offer Beginner Serging classes so you can start your serging on the right foot.